Meet Mo - the monster who sometimes finds it tough to fit in

Unique Me is a workshop specifically designed to explore identity, difference, and self-expression. The workshop follows Mo the Monster as we learn about his story as he navigates big achievements and insecurities whilst learning to accept himself and others.


The Workshop


During the course of the workshop, the children will explore diversity, difference, and uniqueness through drama, active participation, discussion and decision making. 


The workshop follows Mo's journey and his difficulties navigating school and home life. We explore his achievements and discover what is unique about Mo and what we should celebrate in ourselves and each other.


This is a high energy and engaging workshop exploring a vast range of topical and everyday issues. We aim to get everyone up and active, thinking and feeling and working together to help Mo on his way.


  • 90 minute workshop

  • Class size approximately 30 

  • Suitable for ages 6 - 13

  • Includes resources for extended learning


Learning Objectives


  • to increase self-awareness/ self-confidence and develop a sense of who they are

  • to develop emotional literacy

  • to build confidence in group work and team dynamics

  • to encourage reflection and open-mindedness


Nation Curriculum Guidelines


English - Enables students to communicate their ideas and emotions to others, have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Furthermore allowing students to take part actively in discussions/debates, presentations, and performance


Citizenship - Allows students to gain knowledge, skills, and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society. This particularly enables students to develop a keen awareness of current political and social issues. It also prepares pupils to take their place in society as responsible and active citizens.


Drama - Students are provided with a variety of skills that will prepare them for active lives in society. There is an opportunity to use a variety of new and engaging dramatic techniques whilst exploring key issues relevant to the students.


Additional Infomation


  • All materials provided are provided

  • Workshop leaders are experienced facilitators and DBS checked  









Lauren Sanderson

Company Director


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